Net-meteringThe netting of generated-consumed power (known by the term net-metering) is one of the promotional tools for self-production and self-consumption with renewable energy and applied in different countries, particularly for photovoltaic installations. The net-metering allows the consumer to cover a significant part of own consumption, while giving the opportunity to use the power grid for indirect storage of green energy.

The term “net” is apparent from the fact that consumer debit / credit refers to the difference between the energy produced and consumed in a given period. This period is usually the current cycle of counting and invoicing of the consumed energy. If there is excess energy, this usually is not lost for the consumer but is credited accounting for a certain period of time (usually a year) and so the final settlement is done.

The development of photovoltaic systems by autoproducers concerns the installation of fixed photovoltaic systems to cover own needs of electricity, by applying energy netting. As energy netting is meant the netting of produced power by the photovoltaic system with the consumed energy at the autoproducer facilities, that carried out on an annual basis. In the energy netting the produced energy is not essential to synchronized with the consumed energy.

These photovoltaic systems can be installed on buildings or on ground, or in other structures, including those in the primary sector (barns, farms, etc.) according to the current planning legislation. The systems are installed in the same room with the consumption facilities that supply or in a neighboring area.

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Basic terms and conditions for self-production photovoltaic systems installation with energy netting

  • The existence of active permanent power in the name of autoproducer through which powered the installation of its consumption.
  • The photovoltaic system is assigned exclusively to a consumption counter, the installation consumption counter which feeds.
  • The photovoltaic system is installed on the same or adjacent area to the consumption installation to which is assigned (The netting is not permissible with consumption of the same natural or legal persons in other locations).
  • The interested party has the legitimate use of the system installation space.
  • The interested party has fully repay their electricity accounts of his Supplier (or is included in debt adjustment scheme).

Basic parameters for dimensioning a photovoltaic system with self-production energy netting

For the dimensioning of the photovoltaic system is appropriate to take account of the annual consumption of the installation in which it will connect. Given that the energy compensation is carried out on an annual basis, and any excess energy after the annual offset is not compensated, the annual output of the solar energy system must not exceed the total annual consumption.

Is there a limit to the number of self-production systems that can be installed?

There is no limit, as long as the photovoltaic systems can be assigned to different consumer installations, ie in different power supply numbers and consumption numbers.

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Where to submit the connection request and what should be attached?

For consumption installations connected in LV network, the connection request is submitted to the local unit of HENDO (Hellenic Electricity Distribution Network Operator S.A.). For consumption installations connected to the MV network, the connection request is submitted to the seat of the competent Directorate Region of HENDO in order for systems connected to the Interconnected Network and the competent local unit of HENDO (Region HENDO) for systems that are connected to non-interconnected islands.

For this stage With the application documents you submit together the data mentioned in the application form (templates are available on the website of HENDO,

The connection request is received and protocols only if the data of the application and the documents submitted with the declaration are fully and correctly completed. Precondition is that a relevant technical study should be undertaken from an appropriate specialist engineer and the type of equipment to be installed should have been selected.

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When the connection of photovoltaic self-production system is activated?

To enable the connection of the solar system, the following are required:

  • The request by the person concerned in which the readiness of the installation, will be indicated attached with the No. 11-14 documents form the connection request (relevant template is available on the website DEDDHE)
  • The completion of the work required on the part of HENDO, is to replace the existing counter, the construction of any connection project and the carrying out of necessary checks to the production site for the secure connection to the network.

What is required for the PV system connection to the to the Grid?

The connection of self-production photovoltaic systems with energy netting is performed by using the existing inflow under which the consumption installation connected. Since the installation of photovoltaic system is planned to be combined with increased power consumption that exceeds the capacity of the existing provision, the augmentation process of providing preceding the submission of the request for a photovoltaic system with energy netting.

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